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How to Write your First Feasibility Study Report (with sample template)

ivan walsh /

Have you ever struggled with writing a feasibility study? If this area is new to you, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to start.

However, as with most types of business writing, if you can break your report into atomic writing tasks, connect each section together (i.e. links on a chain), the text will seem to flow as you read the document.

So, how do we get there? Let’s keep it simple and look at three challenges and how to overcome them.

How Seasonal Factors Affect Business Continuity Planning

ivan walsh /

In an ideal world, after you write your Business Continuity Plan, you could put it away and move on. However, while Business Continuity Planning (BCP) concerns are generally constant throughout the year, you need to consider some seasonal factors. Here's a breakdown of the regular concerns and how they might...

Updated – Bill of Materials MS Office Templates

ivan walsh /

We’ve updated the theme for the Bill of Materials template. This means the file will be faster to download, open and use. What is a Bill of Materials? According to Microsoft, “A template bill of materials (BOM) provides you with a standardized list of components for service objects that are...

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