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Use this Business Requirements Specification template (MS Word 24 pages) to capture the current and future needs of your business.

Business Analysts use this template to captures WHAT is required so that Software Developers then take these requirements and determine HOW these needs are to be met. This template pack includes a 24-page Business Requirements Specification, Use Case, Requirements Traceability Matrix and Data Model templates in Microsoft Word, Excel and Visio.

Use this Business Requirements Specification to:

  • Establish what needs to change in order for the business to achieve its objectives
  • Determine what information is needed to support the organization’s business activities and to measure its performance
  • Define the requirements for change at a high-level
  • Define and quantify the benefits of the proposed changes
  • Identify opportunities for providing new products and services

MS Word: Table of Contents

1 Introduction

1.1 Business Requirements Summary
1.2 Organization Profile
1.3 Scope
1.4 Cost Benefit Analysis
1.5 Accountability to Sponsors
1.6 Assumptions
1.7 Constraints
1.8 Dependencies

2 General Business Requirements

2.1 Product Perspective
2.2 General Requirements
2.3 User Characteristics

3 Business Requirements

3.1 Business Requirement
3.2 Business Requirement
3.3 Business Requirement

4 Business Process Model

4.1 Process Descriptions
4.2 Events
4.3 Use Case

5 Business Data Model

5.1 Data Models
5.2 Data Descriptions

6 Non-Functional Requirements

6.1 Accuracy
6.2 Audit Trail
6.3 Availability
6.4 Capacity Limits
6.5 Data Retention
6.6 Operational Requirements
6.7 Performance
6.8 Recoverability
6.9 Security Requirements
6.10 Timing

7 Improvements and Impacts

7.1 Improvements to Existing Capabilities
7.2 Impacts
7.2.1 User Impacts
7.2.2 Operational Impacts

8 Glossary

Template Contents

The template pack includes the following documents:

  • 2 x Business Requirements Specification Templates 24 pages
  • 1 x Requirements Traceability Matrix 6 pages
  • 1 x Data Model 1 Diagram
  • 1 x Use Case 3 Diagrams
  • 1 x Business Requirements 1 worksheet
  • 1 x Data Model 1 worksheet

Product Specifications

File Format: The templates are in Microsoft Word, Excel (.docx and .xlsx) and Visio format.

File Size: The zip file is 1 MBs.

Opening the Files: You don’t need any special software to unzip the files. To unzip: right click on the file, click Extract, and save to your computer.

Images: All images in the templates are copyright free.

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