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Use System Design Document templates to record the results of the system design process and describes how the system will satisfy the Requirements Specification.

Use this System Design Document template to:

  • Identify the software products to be produced.
  • Describe benefits, objectives and goals.
  • Discuss trade-off analyses, such as resource use versus productivity.
  • Identify constraints and contingencies.

This System Design Document is a 22 page template in MS Word format, which can be easily modified for your next project. It also includes Free Requirements Traceability Matrix and Data Dictionary templates. Please see more screenshots and the Table of Contents below.

Table of Contents

1.  Executive Summary

1.1 Purpose of this document
1.2 Identification
1.3 Scope
1.4 Relationship to Other Plans
1.5 Methodology, Tools, and Techniques
1.6 Policies, Directives and Procedures

2 Design Overview

2.1 Background Information
2.2 System Evolution Description
2.3 Current Process
2.4 Proposed Process
2.5 Technology Forecast
2.6 Constraints
2.7 Design Trade-offs
2.8 User Characteristics
2.8.1 User Problem Statement
2.8.2 User Objectives

3 System Architecture

3.1 Hardware Architecture
3.2 Software Architecture
3.3 Communications Architecture

4 Data Design

4.1 Database Management System Files
4.2 Non-Database Management System Files

5 Detailed Design

5.1 Hardware Detailed Design
5.2 Software Detailed Design
5.2.1 Module [X] Processing Local data structures
5.2.2 Module [X] 5.3 Communications Detailed Design

6 External Interface Design

6.1 Interface Architecture
6.2 Interface Detailed Design

7 Human-Machine Interface

7.1 Interface Design Rules
7.2 Inputs
7.3 Outputs
7.4 Navigation Hierarchy
7.4.1 Screen [x.1] 7.4.2 Screen [x.2] 7.4.3 Screen [x.3]

8 System Integrity Controls

9 Appendix A

9.1 Requirements Traceability Matrix
9.4 Glossary of Terms

Contents & Format

The template pack includes the following documents:

  • System Design Document Template 22 pages
  • Requirements Traceability Matrix 6 pages
  • Data Dictionary Template 8 pages

Product Specifications

File Format: The template is in Microsoft Word (.docx) format.

Opening the Files: You don’t need any special software to unzip the files. To unzip the files, right click on it, then select Extract, and save it to your computer.

Getting Started: Depending on your MS Office settings, the files may say Read Only when you open them. If this occurs, click FileSave As and save the files. There are no security settings on any of the files.

Images: All of the images in the templates are copyright free.

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