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20-page in MS Word and 9 Excel spreadsheets. Includes helpful explanatory text that walks you through the process of setting up your first contingency plan project. You can change everything in the document – text, images, and tables. There are no special plug-ins, macros, or installation files. Just download the templates and get started.

What is a Contingency Plan?

A Contingency Plan is a formal document that outlines the steps to be taken to control an emergency or disaster. Contingency planning provides a template on how to prepare for a disaster scenario, the steps to take, and its relationship to other parallel activities, such as disaster recovery procedures.

How to use a Contingency Plan?

The purpose of a Contingency Plan is to help you return to daily operations after an emergency or disaster scenario.

A Contingency Plan helps Operations Managers to:

  • Assign responsibilities
  • Identify key staff
  • Minimize customer inconvenience
  • Protect resources
  • Prepare budgets
  • Prepare an action plan

Who uses a Contingency Plan?

This template was written for the following:

  • Senior staff members responsible for contingency planning, including funding to develop, test and maintain the plan.
  • Contingency plan coordinator or manager responsible for developing and maintaining the plan
  • Operations Managers, especially those who may be new to this area and are looking for a little direction on how to get started
  • In a small business, this person may be the owner or a senior line manager
  • The forms, checklists, and spreadsheets will also help you get up to speed fast.

Table of Contents

The Table of Contents of each Contingency Plan template contains the following sections:

1. Introduction

1.1. Document Overview
1.2. Purpose
1.3. Applicability
1.4. Scope
1.4.1. Planning Principles
1.4.2. Assumptions
1.5. Relationship to other plans

2. Concept of Operations

2.1. System Description
2.2. Line of Succession
2.3. Responsibilities
2.4. Testing and Maintenance
2.4.1. Tabletop Testing
2.4.2. Technical Testing

3. Notification and Activation Phase

4. Recovery Operations

4.1. Recovery Goal #1
4.2. Recovery Goal #2
4.3. Recovery Goal #3

5. Return to Normal Operations

5.1. Original or New Site Restoration
5.2. Concurrent Processing
5.3. Plan Deactivation

6. Appendix A: Contingency Plan Approval

7. Appendix B: Definitions

7.1. Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations

Excel Spreadsheets

You also get nine spreadsheets to help track, plan, and monitor the progress of different QA tasks.

Contents & Format

The template pack includes the following documents:

MS Word

  • 2 x Configuration Management Plan templates - 24 pages each
  • 1 x Configuration Audit Report - 1 Form
  • 1 x Configuration Item Record - 1 Form
  • 1 x Configuration Management Maintenance - 1 Form

Product Specifications

  • File Format: The templates are in Microsoft Word and Excel (.docx and .xlsx) format.
  • File Size: The zip file is 1 MBs.
  • Opening the Files: You don’t need any special software to unzip the files. To unzip: right click on the file, click Extract, and save to your computer.
  • Images: All images in the templates are copyright free.
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